OPL 0.9.4 Nova versão DB 1309

Mais uma versão do OPL saindo galera, ainda na beta da 0.9.4 mas agora com a DB1309! Confira no vídeo acima as novidades e como atualizar e abaixo o changelog e os links de download.

IGR + VMC Update:
– If the game calls Exit(), OPL will deinitialize. In the current implementation, it will act according to the IGR exit path; if no path is specified, it will quit to the browser, otherwise it will boot the specified ELF. This is so that games that have a quit function can quit.
– IGR will now lock accesses to the virtual CD/DVD device, to avoid the risk of putting the physical device (ATA device, USB disk etc) into an undefined state. This should increase the reliability of IGR.
– For SMB: the disc image and VMC file will be closed if you do IGR, so that it is possible to reopen the files again. However, this is only possible if you actually use IGR successfully; if you switch off or hard-reset the PS2, then the SMB server may not release the exclusive lock on the files (particularly for VMC images).
– The write cache will be disabled for ATA devices. For HDPro, this is done in-game, since the start and finish functions are not exported by the HDPro driver and I see some ATA device reset in the in-game HDPro code…
Note: In the current implementation, do not invoke IGR while saving to a VMC. There are no safeguards against this.
rev1309 – Jay-Jay-OPL – Merge https://github.com/ifcaro/open-ps2-loader – Wed Aug 29 14:37:43 2018 -0700
rev1308 – ElPatas1 – Merge pull request #140 from sp193/igr-update – Wed Aug 29 12:02:24 2018 +0200
rev1307 – Jay-Jay-OPL – update lang files from PS2-HOME Translators. – Mon Aug 27 19:07:55 2018 -0700
rev1306 – SP193 – ATA: Disable the device’s write cache for in-game VMC support. – Sun Aug 26 15:20:08 2018 +0800
rev1305 – SP193 – IGR: Added API to unmount devices (with interrupts enabled) before terminating OPL. – Sun Aug 26 15:20:08 2018 +0800
rev1304 – SP193 – IGR: Lock accesses to the virtual device, to prevent the physical device from entering some weird state due to interrupting an ongoing transfer. – Sun Aug 26 15:20:08 2018 +0800
rev1303 – SP193 – IGR: deinitialize if the game calls Exit(). In the current implementation, Exit() will act according to IGR settings. If an exit path is specified, it will boot the specified ELF. Otherwise, it will return to the browser. – Sun Aug 26 15:20:04 2018 +0800
rev1302 – Jay-Jay-OPL – update lang files from PS2-HOME Translators. – Fri Aug 24 19:29:41 2018 -0700

Fonte: PS2-Home


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