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OPL 0.9.4 Nova versão DB 1301

Fala galera, novo OPL na área, como sempre, acima você confere o vídeo explicando as novidades e como atualizar no seu memory card, abaixo você confere o changelog direto do site ps2-home e também os links para download dos arquivos utilizados no vídeo.


If we still have some outstanding issue that was introduced recently via the recent patches, please let me know. If it can be fixed in some simple way, I can just add it to this pull request.

Otherwise, please merge it in.

This will add some new lines, which will better-explain some error messages:
– When the VMC file is fragmented (On the HDD unit and USB devices).
– When there is no HDD unit connected to the PS2, but a network adaptor is connected and OPL is set to check the HDD unit.

This will also fix a silly mistake: when I merged the recent patches, some break statements went missing.

I think only the .hack fix is affected. The rest of the late patches should have been fine, due to the structures of most of the new patches.

rev1301 – Jay-Jay-OPL – update lng/lang_English.lng file
rev1300 – Jay-Jay-OPL – Merge
rev1299 – ElPatas1 – Merge pull request #139 from sp193/bugfixes-18Aug18
rev1298 – Jay-Jay-OPL – update lang files from PS2-HOME Translators.
rev1297 – SP193 – If HDD.IRX cannot be loaded, OPL will deem that no HDD is connected. Removed unused hddGetFormat() function and added comment about the HDIOC_STATUS return values. The most common problem is that the HDD is not connected. Other possible faults: 1. Lack of IOP memory (programmer’s mistake), causing initialization to fail. 2. I/O error during journal reading.
rev1296 – SP193 – Added missing break statements to ee_core/src/patches.c.
rev1295 – SP193 – Added error message for indicating that VMC files are fragmented. Changed the general VMC error message to indicate an I/O error.
rev1294 – SP193 – Added check to prevent the master password from being set as the parental lock password.
rev1293 – Jay-Jay-OPL – update lang files from PS2-HOME Translators.

Fonte: PS2-Home


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