Open PS2 Loader 0.9.4 Nova versão DB 1245!

Fala galera uma nova versão do OPL foi lançada com muitas novidades! Confira no video acima como atualizar e logo abaixo os links para download do OPL e do uLaunchelf e também o changelog!

OPL DB1245 uLaunchelf

Why the big jump from OPL 1066_DB to OPL 1245_DB?
– finally synced the ifcaro repo’s commits correctly into OPL Daily Builds — Thanks to SP193’s tip on how to do that.  😉

Now the following updates have been added to OPL (lots of new updates since OPL 1066_DB):
rev1243 – SP193 – GSM can now emulate the flipping of the FIELD field for non-interlaced mode, if the game used an interlace mode.
rev1242 – SP193 – Added data read trapping for GSM.
rev1241 – SP193 – Optimized code in have_some_write to reduce the number of registers used.
rev1238 – SP193 – Moved custom GS mode-init code into advanced GSM code.
rev1237 – SP193 – Consolidated code that enables/disables GSM hardware breakpoint. Do not enable/disable interrupts within the syscall because it should be already disabled by the kernel’s syscall dispatcher.
rev1236 – SP193 – Split off common code for GSM’s handling of DISPFBx and DISPLAYx.
rev1235 – SP193 – Split up GSM code and definitions into multiple files for better readability.
rev1234 – SP193 – Fixed boot filename passing by EE-core, and argument passing by pointer to the EE core.
rev1233 – SP193 – USB Bulk-in pipe will now be opened with sceUsbdOpenPipe() to allow the hardware to take care of buffer alignment. CDVDMAN will now only have software alignment correction for HDD mode. Related to PS2SDK commit dc093db and ae75a00.
rev1232 – SP193 – Revert “Optional FMV fix (enabled by setting UNALIGNED_BUFFER_PATCH to 0)” Revert “I also like to commit in two-phases…:p”
rev1228 – SP193 – Fixed bug introduced in 51c82be: wrong pointer used for VMC.
rev1226 – SP193 – Updated OSDHistory function (bugfix + add Chinese icon).
rev1221 – SP193 – Replaced hardcoded sizes with sizeof() or definitions, to prevent a risk of accidental buffer overflows when the buffer declarations are changed.
rev1220 – SP193 – Fixed arg-passing to EE core: PADEMU and PS2RD have no additional arguments, fixed updating of argv index when GSM is disabled (but built-in).
rev1219 – SP193 – Fixed incorrect index for legacy network config.
rev1218 – SP193 – Replaced locking mechanism for IREMSND patch, corrected pointer computation.
rev1214 – SP193 – Reduced IGR thread stack to 3KB.
rev1213 – SP193 – Adjusted linkfile to ensure that the stack will have at least 512 bytes.
rev1212 – SP193 – Fixed LoadElf (Related to PS2SDK commit 747b590), added writeback of data cache before SifLoadElf to ensure cache coherency.
rev1211 – SP193 – Reduced redundant instructions in asm.S and uninlined delay().
rev1210 – SP193 – (EE core) Added -nostdlib to LDFLAGS
rev1209 – SP193 – Don’t add history record if the machine is a TOOL (possible debugging session).
rev1208 – SP193 – IGS: removed dependency on libmc, replaced DI and EI functions with libkernel counterparts, converted global functions to static, relocated from 0x00082000 to 0x00086000 (0x00082000 is used by the alarm patch).
rev1207 – SP193 – Converted EE core to utilize the kernel part of the LoadExecPS2() system instead. Allows for offloading some code (i.e. args storage).
rev1206 – SP193 – Disable debug output from CDVDMAN by default for DECI2 debugging. Until the PC is connected, things seem vulnerable.
rev1205 – SP193 – Reinstated built-in DECI2 debugging functionality for CEX consoles. Updated DECI2 modules.
rev1203 – SP193 – Added fix for SOS: The Final Escape/Disaster Report/Zettai Zetsumei Toshi. This also includes new IOP patch functions.
rev1201 – SP193 – Changed call to strcmp to _strcmp for .hack fix – avoid linking with libc’s strcmp.
rev1198 – SP193 – (EE core) added code for wiping all registers before executing any game code, for as much as possible. Sony added something similar to the start of crt0 of newer SDK releases. So this is the best we can do to ensure uniform behaviour without changing any game code.
rev1197 – SP193 – (EE core) changed _LoadExecPS2 to set stack pointer to _end instead, so that memory can be wiped properly.
rev1196 – SP193 – Added patch for .hack (all PAL releases).

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